Beauty on the Streets: Jeni Elizabeth

Meet celeb stylist, Jeni Elizabeth! With clients like Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Eva Longoria, Carrie Underwood, and Lindsay Lohan, you can find her regularly behind the scenes at red carpets, photo shoots, and TV shows. Here are some of her favorite things:

Jeni Elizabeth

Name: Jeni Elizabeth

Age: 33

Occupation: Fashion Stylist

Location: Los Angeles, CA



“I absolutely LOVE my job! I am obsessed with my dogs and my boyfriend and I have never been happier!”

My style is: Laidback, comfy sexy.

The song I have on repeat right now is: Carly Simon – You’re So Vain

The best part about being a stylist is: You hold the ability to make anyone feel fabulous about themselves

People usually compliment my: smile and teeth — they’re so white it’s offensive!

I’ll never forget the time: I met Victoria Beckham. She handed me her black card she found at the bottom of her purse! She was the most normal mom I had ever met!

For my skin, I use: Neutrogena products

My favorite makeup tip: Less is more.

My favorite place in the whole world is: at my moms eating pot roast

Current beauty product obsession: EOS Lip Balms! I cannot stop buying the eggs!!!

But I also can’t live without: Fekkai shampoo and conditioner

Worst habit: Eating Andes candies

When I travel, I MUST have: My Cozy! Its my cashmere Ralph Lauren blanket that I am obsessed with!

My favorite scent right now: Gardenia

People might be surprised to know that: I never washed my face with anything but warm water until I was 30!

I don’t understand people who don’t like: Cotton candy! Everyone in the world should be forced to LOVE cotton candy!

The restaurant I can never get tired of are:The Polo Lounge Beverly Hills Hotel

Though I can make a mean: stuffed chicken!

I hope in 5 years: I’ll have my own book, Clothing Line, Video Game, App, two children and a fabulous husband…no pressure!

Who inspires me: Tori Spelling! She does it ALL!

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