Perfume obsessing.

Anyone who knows me knows about my fascination with perfume. I’d love to be the kind of person that has a “signature scent” by sticking to just one. At best, I can have a certain scent at a certain time (right now it’s still very much Victoria’s Secret Bombshell with random bouts of Dior J’adore) but I find it hard to remain undistracted (is that a word? I just looked it up and according to Wiktionary it is). Anyway, since I’m constantly spritzing, I figured I share thoughts on a few I’ve just come across recently:


I mean. How. Gorgeous.

Vince Camuto

Shoe-designer Vince Camuto’s very first perfume that launched last Fall and they did good. The fragrance has notes of osmanthus (a rare Chinese flower), Bulgarian white rose, and rich leather and jasmine, vanilla, patchouli and amber. It all equals a luxurious scent (would you expect anything less from the bottle alone? The golden cap is actually the outline of the Camuto family crest). The best part about this perfume is it’s versatile — it’s dense enough for the evening but it still has a bit of sweetness to it that makes it awesome for spring/summer days. Who to buy it for: The scent adapts, easily a perfect gift to your stylish gal or Mom. But don’t think of it as a ‘mommy scent’ — it’s just a contemporary answer to her usual go-to’s. BATF’s perfume grade: A-


Reveal the Passion

Disclaimer: I got an advance of this perfume, due out in July. ¬†Besides J. Lo, who I think actually does fragrances exceptionally well, I usually tread celeb perfumes with caution. Halle Berry’s newest perfume, Reveal The Passion (OK, maybe the name is a little on the cheesy side), grabs you at the bottle which I was told was actually inspired by little trinkets she found while traveling in Morocco. I love its art deco design…like a little jewel that deserves its place on your dressing table. The scent is a fruity-floral, a mix of bergamot, apple, and patchouli but I can’t say I’d love to wear it myself. It’s too confusing for me — it’s maybe too musky and at the same time, seems a bit young. Who to buy it for: A niece/younger cousin who likes pretty things. ¬†BATF’s perfume grade: B-


Yes, that’s the whole name. I love it.

What we do in Paris is Secret

This is what I call the head-turner. At least it was for me. I discovered this one at the office when a colleague of mine sprayed this in the office (I work at a beauty magazine sometimes, mind you), and once I caught a whiff, I immediately turned around and asked, “WHAT is that? It’s amazing!” She told me and I ordered it the same week. I totally realize spending $110 on 60mL sounds crazy (and honestly, I would have expected prettier packaging for it!). But I can’t help it — it’s totally worth it for me if I really love this much. It’s an unusual mix: bergamot, honey lychee, Turkish rose essence, tonka bean, vanilla, heliotrope, tolu, sandalwood, ambergris, musks. Yeah I know. Weird. But the mix together is intoxicating. Plus the name is so alluring on it’s own, I’ll easily excuse the mundane bottle. Who to buy it for: The girlfriend.¬†BATF’s perfume grade: A

What are your current favorites?


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