COVERGIRL’s new Clump Crusher by LashBlast Mascara

The sheer number of mascara tubes on my dressing table is embarrassing. The problem is it’s one of my favorite things to analyze. From a previous test, you probably know one of my all-time favorites is Covergirl LashBlast Mascara. Sometimes I wonder why they keep re-inventing such a great mascara, but then I come across their new Clump Crusher and I get it.

Covergirl Clump Crusher

The mascara is the latest from Covergirl, literally rolling out this month. It boasts twice the volume with no clumps (even after 30 strokes for ye addicts). I gave it a try and my friends noticed the difference instantly…seriously my lashes actually felt heavy after applying:

Before and after
Tired eyes with lots of mascara

I feel like it’s similar to the original in thickness and formula, but this gives a cleaner finish. Plus, it has a little bend in the wand that makes it even easier to apply and get into smaller spaces within your lashes. Loveeee.

The Clump Crusher mascara will be available this month at drugstores and retails for $7. Would you try it out too?

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  1. Jess B. wrote:

    OMG WOAH! Amazing

    Posted 11.4.12
  2. erica wrote:

    i would kill for your lashes!!

    Posted 11.5.12
  3. Anum wrote:

    holy moses this looks amazing. Too bad your lashes are amazing even without mascara!

    Posted 11.5.12
  4. SG wrote:

    is this in stores already?

    Posted 11.7.12
  5. shyema wrote:

    It should be — it’s supposed to be available by Nov 1st, but I’m sure they’re going to take time to roll out to all stores. Was surprised to see it’s not on their website yet as of 11/7

    Posted 11.7.12
  6. Gillian wrote:

    I really Love Lashblast Fusion!!! It was the first and only one I have tried…I was thinking about trying the Original LB Volume in WP or this.Your lashes look so faboo…but I’m still hesitant. What If I don’t like it? I’m pretty sure It’s a dollar cheaper than LB Fusion: $8.00. So my next tube will either be a back up of LB Fusion or a tube of the Clump Crusher. I also wanted to get a back up tube of Rimmel: Scandal’Eyes…and kinda wanted to try Maybelline:Cat Eye mascara. Has anyone tried the CE mascara yet?

    Posted 11.17.12
  7. Kailan wrote:

    Your lashes are AMAZING! I need to get this mascara!

    Posted 12.5.12
  8. shyema wrote:

    aww thank you!

    Posted 12.6.12

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