Always a good reason for Levain cookies

Levain Bakery cookies

I almost lost faith in myself when I thought I never wrote about Levain Bakery before, but alas…I had (two years ago but still. Read: Levain Bakery Makes Cookies From Heaven). While much has remained the same from that post, I still thought this would be a good reminder of its deliciousness:

Chocolate chip walnut cookie

My friend Archana has come back from traveling the world for a year (a YEAR!), and this was our first stop on her trip back to NYC. Pretty sure I couldn’t have granted her a better reception. I suggested that maybe we should share one because the cookies are practically on steroids and a lot to eat in one sitting. Yeah, not sure what I was thinking because after a few minutes of sitting on the bench outside the bakery, we pretty much inhaled our own.

Slightly crisp on the outside...warm and gooey on the inside..

If you haven’t been, GO. And if you’re visiting, make this one of your stops!

Bakery info:
Levain Bakery

167 West 74th Street
at Amsterdam Ave.
New York, NY 10023
Upper West Side

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  1. I’d heard these cookies were worth looking for; now that I’ve seen you pictures, Levain Bakery is at the top of my to-do list when I visit NYC – amazing comfort food.

    Posted 11.5.12
  2. Jess B. wrote:

    OMG those look too good!

    Posted 11.7.12
  3. Jess B. wrote:

    Bring these with you to CA!

    Posted 11.7.12
  4. erica wrote:

    WOW! def on my to-do list too!!!

    Posted 11.24.12
  5. omg these cookies look amazing!!

    Posted 12.4.12

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