Product Review: Lush Ocean Salt Scrub

If you haven’t heard, exfoliating is important! Not only does it keeps skin looking fresh, it sloughs off dead skin cells so your skin is brighter and less prone to clogged pores. Makeup goes on smoother, and your skin creams are able to penetrate better to be more effective. It’s a double-edged sword though — most sensitive types can’t handle too much scrubbing, which can also lead to irritation.

I fall somewhere in between where my skin can handle (and needs) something a little more heavy duty than a cleanser soft microbeads, but nothing too harsh. I felt like Goldilocks (but with far darker hair) looking for something that was just right. My first answer is the Clarisonic, but if you’re working your way up to shelling out on a device, consider Lush Ocean Salt scrub in the mean time.

Lush Ocean Salt scrub

This has easily become my favorite natural exfoliator by far. It’s genius because they combine clusters of fine and coarse ocean salt with hydrating ingredients like fresh avocado and coconut. They also toss in brightening grapefruit and lime. Your skin will feel soft (not tight) afterwards. I should mention this scrub can also be used for the body, but I feel like it’s too precious to use all of it up in the shower so I keep it near my sink to use before bed a couple days a week. Again, be diligent if you know your skin is extra sensitive…but for me, it’s just right.

The 4.2 oz sells for $22 (or the 8.8 oz for $36) at stores or

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