Popbar (did someone say hot chocolate on a stick?)

By Bilal Mohammad

Inside Popbar

Every year, usually sometime at the end of July and the beginning of August, the magical excitement that the summer brings, with its promise of warm weather and carefree days, wears off and I begin to long for the nippy days of autumn and winter. I love walking outside without having to worry about crossing to the shady side of the street and taking the subway without emerging a sweaty beast. Many of you probably think I’m crazy for wishing away the last leg of your favorite season, but I suspect some of you sympathize with this sentiment. Popbar, located on the corner of Carmine Street and 6th avenue, has something to offer for all of you.


Popbar’s niche is making gelato popsicles, which, when you see them in the window, will have you drooling. For those of you looking for a cool summer treat, this place has a wide variety of flavors (Pumpkin pie! Blood orange! Kiwi!) and toppings that you can choose from. Craft your ideal popsicle and enjoy!
So much to choose from...

Hot chocolate on a stick!

For those of you partial to hot drinks, cold weather, and chocolate, Popbar’s hot chocolate on a stick is a MUST-TRY. You will be served a cup of steamed milk with their signature “hot chocolate on a stick,” which a bar of rich, heavenly tasting chocolate that you mix in yourself.

Mixing chocolate in milk

I chose the hazelnut chocolate (you can also choose milk, dark, or white). After the chocolate has been melted and mixed, you will have a cup of the most decadent hot chocolate you’ve ever had.

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Store info:

5 Carmine St.
at 6th Ave.
New York, NY 10014
(212) 255-4874
West Village

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