Denise Richards shares her beauty secrets as new spokesperson for OROGOLD Cosmetics

If skincare is decadent, consider Orogold the pinnacle. Their line is exclusively infused with 24K pure gold — that means all their products from their cleansers to their masks to their serums all contain the precious element. And if their blinged out packaging doesn’t drive the point home, their price points do reflect, if you will, just that: $800 moisturizers to $1,500 serums (although on the low end, you can find some closer to $250. Yes, that’s the low end here).

Denise Richards officially opening the OROGOLD store on 57th Street

According to the company, “Gold has [long] been recognized for its luxurious and beautifying properties. Historians have long maintained that Cleopatra slept in a gold mask every night to enhance her captivating beauty. In ancient Rome, gold salves were used for of a variety of skin problems.” One celeb who found her Holy Grail skin regimen in their products is the company’s newest spokesperson: Denise Richards. Richards arrived at Orogold’s newest prime location in NYC on 57th Street last week for the official opening and to speak — what else — luxurious skincare. And I can attest to the fact that in person, the 42-year-old mother of three looks as fresh as a young and bright-eyed 25-year-old. Not fair. At least she shares how she keeps her skin looking firm and young:

Denise Richards at the Orogold store opening in NYC

On why she decided to partner with OROGOLD: “I’ve been approached by other skin are lines, and I wouldn’t endorse something I can’t use. OROGOLD is a truly a wonderful brand, using minerals that benefit the skin. They use 24k Gold, Diamond Dust, Mother of Pearl, and other vitamins and minerals, all of which work together so I can really see the results. I was so impressed the first time I came to the store and used the products, and really feel a difference in my skin since using them. I’ve gotten many compliments on my skin since using the products. ”

On what types of foods she eats to benefit her skin
: “I’m all about a clean and healthy lifestyles filled with lots of fruits and veggies. I always notice when I eat too much sugar, it’ll show up [to the detriment] of my skin. I like to have a lot of olive oil and avocados. I have dry skin, so I eat a lot of things to keep it moisturized and try to not break out.”

On how she got her toned arms
: “Honestly, the biggest thing that made them so toned is carrying around my daughter! And pilates.”

On what beauty tips she’ll share with her daughters
: “They’re so young, I just want them to protect their skin on the beach. And I’ll definitely teach them that the best thing for us is sleep and water.”

When asked on how often she gets facials
: “Not as often as I like! I used to go once a month, but as a busy mom, it doesn’t always happen. I try to do stuff at home because I don’t have a lot of time. My favorite product in the line is the Tèrmica Energizing Mask, which warms as you us it. It helps with collagen and anti-aging. I can really feel it working to help tighten my skin and get rid of impurities. Also, the Vitamin C collection is just a great basic collection, the serum is not heavy and leaves my skin feeling great.”
One of Richards' favorite products: The $600 Tèrmica Energizing Mask

Curious to ask you all: Denise Richards swears by it but would you guys spend for a skincare in the 100s of dollars?

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