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Dancing with the Stars model and actress, Audrina Patridge was in Anaheim, CA, recently to lend some attention to Fiafini— a skincare line built on their 100% marula oil. When I caught up with her to learn about her new role with the brand, admittedly, she hadn’t quite indulged herself yet. “I have it, and heard amazing things about it, but I’ll be using it for the first time this week!” Not exactly what I expected, but the girl does know her way around beauty oils. Audrina shares the secrets to her glowing skin and amazing bod with me (spoiler: she is forced to eat more than the average person). Plus, as a survivor of all the drama on The Hills, she’s even dispenses a few pieces of relationship advice…Read on:

That would be me and Audrina

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What’s your normal beauty regimen like?
Audrina Patridge: I go to Dr. Harold Lancer so I use all his stuff — face polish, cleanser, his AM/PM Nourishment, and spray my face with an Evian mister to keep my skin dewy. I have really dry skin so I also use rose oil. I lather it on my face. Sometimes when I lay out, I’ll also use coconut oil. I seriously love it.

You use it when you’re out in the sun?
Patridge: I use sunblock of course, but I use coconut oil to nourish my skin. I also massage it in my skin after I shower, but only at night because it can get really messy. I’ll also use coconut oil in my hair. I’m obsessed with it.

Do you have any favorite restaurants in the area?
Patridge: I grew up in Yorba Linda in Orange County, so my favorite places to go there is Fish in a Bottle. I love Fitness Pizza, and there’s an amazing little wine bar next to it. It has live music and super romantic. That’s like a hidden little secret nobody knows about. In LA, I love The Izaka-ya, La Poubelle, Katana, Eveleigh, and Riviera is also a fave.

I think anyone who has seen The Hills or DWTS know, you are crazy toned! What are some of your diet and fitness tips?
Patridge: I’m so active, but my problem which I find a lot of girls have the same issue is, I need to gain weight. I need to eat extra to look normal. I’m naturally very skinny, my metabolism is faster than the normal person. So, I have the opposite problem from most people. I’m always thinking, why can’t I gain weight?! People aren’t aware of this, I have to eat extra all the time. I eat really healthy, but I’m always eating. You don’t want to go more than five hours without eating anything.

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Besides that, I do pilates 2-3 times a week. I’m obsessed. In the summer, I go hiking a lot, I go swimming a lot. We get a group and do beach volleyball. I surf with my boyfriend [Corey Bohan]. Going out and dancing with your girlfriends is a workout in itself!

What is something about you people would be surprised to know about you?
Patridge: I grew up dirt bike riding!

You’ve had much of your past relationship filmed on TV. What have you learned and are your thoughts on relationships now?
Patridge: Relationships are really hard. They’re work. I used to be the type of girl that as soon as the relationship started getting hard, I’m like “OK I’m out. I don’t want this drama, sorry.” You learn in a relationship. It’s give and take. My little sister is 18, and I want her to learn from my mistakes. You need a guy who’s respectful, loyal, honest, who has integrity and won’t let you down, and who’s also fun! You don’t want a guy who’s going to lie and cheat on you and go behind your back, or be someone they’re not when they’re not with you. It’s so hard to find a good person because so many girls give it up, so it’s hard to find someone who will appreciate and respect you. You need to put your foot down and have boundaries from the very beginning.

Thanks to Audrina for the interview! Keep up with her on twitter at @AudrinaPatridge.

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