12 products that helped get me through August

So the past couple weekends threw me off a bit, but I finally got around to sharing some products that got me through last month:


1) Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation, $36
I test so many products as it is that it’s been a while since I’ve actually been to a Sephora and gone nuts (like the good ol’ days). But on a recent trip to LA, my friend Anum and I found ourselves in one for…an extended period of time (before you blame us, it’s because our friend Sarah, whom we were visiting, lives in a mall. Literally). Anyway, through all the sifting, I started playing with Tarte’s Amazonian Clay foundation. I’m a huge fan of their line (rarely does it disappoint), and this foundation is pretty great for a couple of reasons: 1) For a powder, it has great coverage; 2) It has a natural finish; 3) it has light-reflecting properties so you won’t be sullen and matte; 4) it has a mesh covering so the foundation won’t spill all over the place — just dab your brush in; and 5) it’s waterproof! One caveat is that I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for dry types, but I’m somewhere in between so it works great for me. I use it in medium-neutral.

2) Elizabeth Arden Liquid Eyeliner in black, $18

I’m embarrassingly unskilled when it comes to handling a liquid liner (I usually stick to gels or pencils). But lately, since my eyes have been getting irritated more easily from allergies, I’ve started lining the upper lashline and not touching the waterline. This has indirectly taught me to master the cat eye, and this liner is pretty amazing for that. Not only is it jet black, it stays on ALL day without rubbing off, and the pointy tip makes it easy to swoop that angled line in place.

3) Aveeno Pure Renewal Dry Shampoo, $8

I’m heavily relying on dry shampoos to get me to work on time. I’ve noticed some of them get too wet at first or too messy, but Aveeno’s works amazingly well when I’m in a rush!

4) Burberry Touch for Men, $60

Is it wrong to spritz on cologne now and then? Violet, mandarin, nutmeg, vetiver — this is not a woman’s fragrance by any means, but it’s smell is alluring enough to pretend it could be for us. (This is all your fault, Anum.)

5) Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub, $9.95
It exfoliates dry skin on your lips with essential oils and sea salt, and taste like popcorn! Scrub it on and lick off the excess (no really, it’s all natural).

6) Becca Beach Tint in Bright Coral Pink, $25

I still haven’t gotten used to wearing color on my lips (it’s either a light gloss or red on very rare occasions). This helps me compromise — a pink/flesh colored tint that I keep in my purse since it can be used on my lips AND cheeks for the prettiest, natural looking flush of pink.

7) Avon Glimmerstick Waterproof Eyeliner in Midnight Blue, $7

One of the eyeliners I gave to my sister and momentarily stole back when I want to switch it up. These liners glide on, and comes in an easy twist up stick. You have to check out this gorgeous navy.

8 ) Dermablend Cover Creme, $36

A couple months ago, I embarrassingly left a scar above my lip when I tried to clumsily wax the moustache that us Indian women are blessed with (JUST KIDDING, BOYS). ANYWAY. It left a wee bit of scar that I’ve been dealing with…quite well since I realized I had the Rolls-Royce of concealers in my possession — Dermablend (which if you remember, is so good, they got Zombie Boy to cover all his tats with it for a promo). It’s been serving me well to cover up the pesky scar until *fingers crossed* it disappear completely.

9) Fresh Black Tea Age Delay Cream, $95

This anti-aging face cream is loaded with antioxidants, and ingredients like lychee seed extract to support natural collagen. I’ve been greeted to brighter skin every morning since I’ve been using it. But let’s be honest, it’s a splurge. I got it as a sample, and that’s the price for a 1 oz jar. I’m sorting through for next month to find more affordable options!

10) Freeman Feeling Beautiful Paper Masks, $1.99 each

On the other end of the price spectrum, there are these glorious single-use paper masks from Freeman’s — less than $2! I am obsessed with these paper masks when for a quick pick-me-up, plus they’re wrapped up in travel-friendly packets. The Blue Agave is has hydrating hyaluronic acid for drier days; Star Fruit Purifying mask is best for irritated/acne-prone skin since it contains antiseptic tea tree, and oil-controlling witch hazel and niacinamide; and Rose Brightening Mask is rich with vitamin C, white tea, licorice, glycolic and lactic acid to refine pores and even out complexion. It also sort of forces you to relax in a quiet empty room since you have to leave it on for at least 10 minutes, and you definitely don’t want anyone seeing you while you’re wearing a wet paper mask on. Other than that, try it, and tell me how much you love it.

11) Motives Pressed Blush in So Peachy, $14

Motives has serious highly-pigmented shades that apply beautifully and this peach blush is one of my faves. It’s somewhere in between a orange-pink blush and a trip back from Hawaii.

12) Kevin Murphy Body Builder Volumising Mousse, $38

OK it’s pricey — but the bottle lasts forever and a day and there’s a reason salon pros love this line. I’ve made a strange transition into mousse. Strange because I couldn’t tell you what to do with mousse before, but now I’m using it a lot more often. It helps my hair dry with a more finished style, less frizz, and stronger strands. This one from Kevin Murphy gives me weightless volume (the best kind!). For a much more affordable option, try Garnier Fructis Style XXL Volumizing Mousse ($3 at Target).

What are some products that got you through the month?

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  1. Anum wrote:

    It’s intoxicating, I couldn’t help it! Plus its the only fragrance that stays with you for DAYS

    Posted 9.11.13
  2. Those paper masks look awesome. Must try!

    Posted 9.11.13
  3. salma wrote:

    Love posts like this one! You should definetly do like a monthly favorite beauty products more often.

    Posted 9.13.13
  4. shyema wrote:

    Thanks Salma! Trying to do it every month now 🙂

    Posted 9.13.13
  5. Gata wrote:

    I think you will love it! Try setting your maukep with NYX’s new matte finish maukep setting spray. It’s wonderful for keeping the oil under control throughout the day or night!Xoxo

    Posted 9.11.15

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