Men-Days: Nip+Fab Post Workout Fix

I recently gave some guys in my family a bunch of products to test out from the men-targeted line, Nip+Fab (a UK export that is now carried in stores like Target!). The line aims to get instant results using the latest technology (caffeine to burn fat, skin plumping hyaluronic acid, etc), and the product that easily came out on top was their Post Workout Fix.

Nip+Fab Post Workout Fix

What gives me even more confidence to recommend is that it’s tried and tested by two of the biggest gym rats I know: My cousin Zayan (football/basketball/lacrosse/track/enter any other sport) superstar; and my brother, who at some point decided he needed to compete with the Hulk/also uses his son as a replacement for weights during desperate times.

Stolen from bro's instagram

Anywho, they both said that after a workout this helped to noticeably cool aching muscles. It contains menthyl lacate to cool and camphor soothe. In fact, this is what Z had to say about it:

I like the fact that its not a whimpy product. It’s actually pretty strong. Typically, my quads tend to ache and it prevents me from sleeping, and whenever that happens I roll this on them. At first, you feel an intense cooling sensation (similar to that of an icy-hot pack), and then it just relaxes your muscles. I usually lay in front of a fan while I’m putting it on and it seems to intensify the cool feeling of it. Basically, I love it because it provides relief to my muscles so quicky and it’s not like a sports cream where you have to rub it vigorously into your skin, the rolling ball on it kinda does it for you and then you just let it seep in.”

So there you have it. Plus, it looks much cooler in your gym bag than, say, BenGay or ThermaCare might. Just a thought.

Available at for $16.79.

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