The Tea Spot in Greenwich Village

You remember that night in NYC last week with the torrential downpour? That was the night my little sister thought would be perfect for a sisters’ outing. To my credit, I tried to explain to her that subways would be flooded; that I JUST took a shower and dried my hair and the impending poofiness would hurt my feelings; that I might even fall sick. But then she did this:


(Which was so not fair), and the next thing I know, I’m putting on my rain boots to head over to the Tea Spot with her. And to her credit, it ended up being a kinda nice evening.

Inside Tea Spot


I am a tea lover after all. I’ve been frequenting this place for years but I haven’t been back in a while. They have a great selection though, the only thing to its detriment is probably cramped corners (which is also very characteristic of restaurants and cafes in this area). But the staff is always very nice, and they let you take your time to sniff the different loose leaf teas in their silver tins before you settle on one. In our case, we settled on two: Royal Star and Coconut Creme green teas. Both ended up being great choices (we also tried it with soy milk, per the waitress’ suggestion, which was also great).

Teas -- sorry for the dark's dark in there!

We also ordered their truffle mac n cheese and pesto one (definitely order the former if you have a choice, thought I don’t think their food is their strong point in general).

Truffle mac n cheese and pesto

I was hungry though and we cleaned our plates. I did want a bite of dessert and since I’m on a seriousss hunt for the best tres leches in the city, I decided to order theirs:

Tres Leches

Verdict: It’s on the MUCH sweeter side and consistency was more like a rice pudding. A few bites were good, but even between the two of us, we couldn’t finish it because it was too sweet (make sure you save your tea to balance it out if anything). It was good, but definitely not the best (the search continues).

Still, this is a good place to have some tea and bond with the lil sis. Try it.

Restaurant Info:
Tea Spot

127 Macdougal St.
at W. 3rd St.
New York, NY 10012
(212) 505-1248
Greenwich Village

Meal: Brunch

Occasion: Sister time
Price: $$
(Out of three stars)
Ambiance: ** (Not good for big groups, a little cramped with the seating if you can find one)
Food: ** (Great for tea, OK for food)
Service: *** (Waitress was awesome)
Would I go back?: Yes.

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