Actress Emmy Rossum partners up with Origins and Charity Water

Actress and singer Emmy Rossum said she took an abbreviated break from taping Shameless and hopped on a red-eye from LA last night just to support Origins and their latest initiative with Charity:Water.

Emmy Rossum hosts Origins Smarty Plants event benefiting charity:water

“Charity:Water is an amazing organization, and Origins is an authentically eco-friendy brand,” she said in an exclusive interview with BATF. “The partnership just makes sense. My mom is the treasurer for another charity in Kenya, so even though this is supporting children in Ethiopia, it’s kind of full circle for me.”
Actress Jessica Stroup, Origins President Jane Lauder, and Emmy Rossum

Gathering at Jimmy at the James Hotel‘s beautiful pool rooftop (coupled with an equally gorgeous sunset), Emmy went on to comment, “It takes five hours to get water in Ethiopia for some people, and we are literally standing here in front of a pool. We definitely take these things for granted.” (Most rural families in Ethiopia survive on less than five liters of water per day and walk up to four hours to collect it from open sources, according to Charity:Water). To help join the cause, Origins will match the first 1,000 pledges. Tweet using #donate #SmartyPlants ($30 provides 1 person in Ethiopia with clean drinking water for a year). “Don’t go to Drybar tomorrow and give to charity,” Rossum said. “You know you can do your own blowout.”

Rossum was also game for some beauty and food questions. After talking to her, I learned a few things: she’s a drugstore beauty junkie (Maybelline is her go-to brand for mascara), she loves to talk about, from what I could tell, imaginary pimples that she’s dealt with in the past (her complexion is beyond flawless in person), and she’s a bit of a gluten-free foodie in her own right…read on!:

Beauty and the Feast:
Do you have a hidden talent when it comes to beauty?
Emmy Rossum: I’m really good at popping pimples.

What’s your best beauty secret?
Rossum: I do use a weird clay called Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. It’s a powder you can buy at the drugstore, and makes a really nice drying mask.

What’s the biggest beauty risk you’ve ever taken?
Rossum: I’ve got a pimple injected with cortisone once. It’s actually not that good for you. I mean, it was a real good one. And it was right here [points between brows], and everyone was staring at it. Then my friend told me you could go to a derm to get it injected, but I don’t think I’d ever do it again.

Emmy Rossum

What do you splurge on when shopping?
Rossum: My biggest splurge is usually on shoes. But not on heels — shoes I’d use everyday like Chanel ballet flats. I also love to shop at Topshop, Zara,, and

What are some qualities you share with your character, Fiona, on Shameless?
Rossum: We don’t take no for an answer, we both wash our face before we go to sleep, and we also don’t always wear a bra.

What is your first memory of using a beauty product:
Rossum: My mom’s red lipstick when I was four-years-old. I looked like a clown.

What are your three desert island products?
Rossum: Toothpaste for sure. Origins’ Smarty Plants because it has has a high SPF and I’ll still look cute if I meet a hot desert guy. And something to make my breath fresh.

Even if you’re alone?
Rossum: I’m not necessarily alone — there could be a hot desert island man I could meet!
Origins Smarty Plants CC cream, $35

BATF: How do you keep in shape?
Rossum: I do Physique57 and SoulCycle. I stay away from alcohol and cigarettes that make you look more tired than you are.

Do you have any bath regimens?
Rossum: If I’m sore or anything, I’ll take a bath with Epsom salts and hydrogen peroxide but that’s about it.

: What are you favorite restaurants in the city?
Rossum: I love Catch [in Meatpacking]. The crab claws are great there! I love Sant Ambroeus because they can substitute any pasta for gluten-free pasta. And I like street cart food. I like taking my chances with them. Sometimes the shawarmas are really good!

See? She’s just like us. Besides the whole crazy talented actor/singer/jaw-droppingly beautiful thing.

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  1. Vivi wrote:

    Thank you for giving me another reason to love Emmy Rossum!

    Honestly, I didn’t like her when I first saw her (Day After Tomorrow) but after watching Shameless and seeing the depth she’s put into Fiona’s character, I started watching her other shows and listening to her sing, too.

    So you’re right, she’s one crazy talented actress + singer who matured to be jaw-droppingly beautiful. Glad that at least she likes popping her pimples, makes her more like most of us normal beings who can’t sing or act and jaw-droppingly good in picking up groceries. 😀

    Posted 9.17.13

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