Let’s talk foot peels.

What is it about people and feet? I have friends (who shall remain nameless) who have no issues with indulging in bathroom humor, but will gag at the mention of feet. Incidentally, before moving to New York, I quite liked my feet–until the constant walking (and heels) ravaged them. Smooth, feminine soles were replaced with rough, callused bottoms and I never had to spend so much time tending to them. Which leads me to another point: It’s not easy taking care of your feet. Especially on a tight schedule where I’m literally always running from one thing to the next, and even more when hardly any tool does the heavy duty smoothing you need — with few exceptions. 1) The Emjoi Micro-Pedi device (where you can re-read my feet woes); and 2) an even more curious miracle worker: Baby Foot Peel.

Baby Foot peel, $25

After reading a bunch of beauty bloggers trying it and raving about it, I promptly bought a few packs for me and my roomies. It kind of borderlines one of the coolest/disgusting/fascinating treatments you can do for yourself, but if you’re having the same issues, you MUST try. But not before you read ALL of this! So first of all, it’s made of natural exfoliating extracts to progressively slough away dead skin cells and literally peel the hardened skin off. The pack comes with two pre-soaked plastic booties which you slip on for an hour. That means, don’t plan on moving anywhere for that hour. Place your laptop, remote, phone, tea – anything you might need for the next hour right next to you because the slippery gel makes it a tricky balancing act to get up and do much else. After an hour, all you do is (carefully) walk to the bathroom, remove the booties and rinse your feet.

Baby Foot peel booties

And you will then notice – nothing. Well, not right away, and you might spend the next couple of minutes wondering why you just threw away $25 on a worthless peel. It feels smoother but that’s about it. I read all the reviews and everyone said it takes a couple days to work, so I calculated precisely and did this three days before a my trip to LA.

On day three, still nothing. It wasn’t until five days later that my roommate (who did the peel with me at the same time texts me). “Hey is your foot peeling? Because mine is REALLY peeling now!” My feet looked fine, but she sent me a pic of hers and sure enough, the skin all over was peeling in patches. I told her nothing had happened yet for me, and headed off to the pool with my friends. But just an hour later after swimming, I looked down at my feet and the skin was peeling in sheets. Sorry for all the detail (I’m getting a bit grossed out myself explaining), but strips of skin was peeling off (not painfully, of course) to reveal baby, soft skin underneath. Which was great, but also kinda gross to deal with in the middle of my vacation — my feet looked like they could use a big glass of water or something. The peeling essentially made it look deceptively dry for a couple days. I would show you guys pics, but I’m not sure if some of you guys might be eating or whatnot at this moment. Feel free to Google ‘baby foot peel’ for uncomfortably accurate photos of how the process might look like. Also, the last time I posted pics of my feet on this blog I got a really bizarre email from someone with a foot fetish. Not going down that road again.

But that was the worst of it. The peeling stopped after a week, my feet looked and felt much smoother. The deep calluses were a little less pronounced (still there, and thinking a couple more treatments will do it!). The box suggests doing it every 2 months, but if you have to do more damage control, you can do it after another couple of weeks. But honestly for $25, it’s pretty effective, and it definitely works. Just make sure you plan at least 2 weeks ahead if you’re trying to do it before something major. And try to resist the urge to peel in social settings (guilty). Man. Feet talk is pretty gross.

If you do want to try it, check it out on beautysage.com ($25 for a single use pair of exfoliating booties).

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  1. Nada wrote:

    is the pealing noticeable when you wear sandals or open shoes?

    Posted 10.4.13
  2. Nada wrote:

    omg is that safe? i just googled pics… tats rly gross, and i actually like feet 😛

    Posted 10.4.13
  3. shyema wrote:

    Nada — yeah it’s safe. It’s actually a pretty superficial layer of skin that peels. Nothing bloody or anything (TMI?). And so the initial peeling is pretty drastic. After that, it’s just little bits that start sloughing off so you can technically wear sandals, but it won’t look that pretty…most of the peeling happens on the button although it will happen on top too. I was in LA when it started peeling and i ONLY had open toed sandals so I kept moisturizing it. It wasn’t the greatest sight, but it’s only over the course of a week or so before it’s over.

    Posted 10.4.13

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