Men Days: A very imporant topic. Deodorant.

Your best game killer: pit stains. Or B.O. Or pit stains with B.O. Blekh. I get it, you guys do the quick scan thing when you’re at the store. I also realize men never like to let on that they’re sensitive (skin or otherwise). Recently, one of my guy friends complained to me that deodorants either irritated his skin or wasn’t strong enough. And the ones that were also left him with white streaks on his shirts. Here are some of the better ones I’ve found:

1) Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Non Irritant Deodorant
(drugstores, $5)

Dove Men Care Extra Fresh deodorant

Given that it’s a Dove product, you can imagine it’s gentle on the skin. It not only provides 48 hours of protection, it also comes in a clear gel form so it won’t leave those pesky white marks on your shirts. If you’re on the sensitive side, try this one (it’s 1/4 moisturizer).

2) Degree Men Antiperspirant Sport Aerosol (drugstores, $5)

Degree Dry Protection Aerosol spray

My apartment swears by Degree spray deodorants, and the men’s formula is just as great. Not only does it have a pleasant smell (lemon, bergamot orange, and musk), it’s tough on sweat. While it’s not made of a clear formula, it’s a little more forgiving than solid deodorant sticks. And if you’re the type who is regularly playing sports or working out, it might give you the extra 24-hour protection you need.

What other deodorants do you use/love?

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  1. Nada wrote:

    the hubs uses degree solid and i love the smell. is that weird? tmi?

    Posted 10.7.13

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