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I’m in full hibernation mode these days. These are the times I still wonder why I live anywhere where the temperature drops below 40 degrees. But alas, it is well-suited for doing this soup review. As I mentioned earlier last month, I was chosen as one of Progresso Artisan‘s Blogger Ambassadors for the NYCWFF, and the last post they asked us to do was a honest review of their soups.

Progresso Artisan soups

If you’re on the east coast, look out for these soups. They are the easiest meal solutions ever, and taste delicious. Here’s what I thought (note: they have two more soups — creamy potato with sausage and kale, and rustic tomato with chicken and dumplings, but I only had the ones below because of my dietary restrictions).

Masala curry with butternut squash
This is by far my favorite. I’ve had it in the morning with scrambled eggs and a side of wheat toast. I also loved having it as a light dinner with a side of seasoned corn and naan. The texture of this soup is thick and creamy. It tastes like a sweet Indian salan (curry), and so naturally I think it’ll taste amazing with chicken dumplings or a side of chicken breast next time. The perfect winter comfort food.

Masala curry with butternut squash

Creamy tomato with roasted red pepper
Progresso’s Principal Scientist, Heidi Teoh, explained to us that they wanted to make a grown up version of the soup. To be honest, I expected this would be the boring one of the group but I was so wrong. It wasn’t the usual watery tomato soup you might be accustomed to. It’s thick and has a twist of garlic and olive oil and red pepper that makes it so much more interesting and tasty.

Smoky white bean with winter vegetables
This is the most filling of the three because of the beans and chunky vegetables. It has a completely different, smoky flavor. The mix of smoked paprika, black beans, carrots, parsnips, turnips adds so much flavor and depth.

This whole exercise has really made me think about soups in a completely different way. I never considered it as much for a quick meal as I do now. If that was Progresso Artisan’s goal, consider mission accomplished.

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