Celeb colorist Sherry Ratay talks hair trends (spoiler: ombre is still going strong)

I had the pleasure of meeting award-winning celebrity colorist, Sherry Ratay, recently at the Julien Farel salon. When Sherry is not working at her own Orlando-based salon, Salon Ratay, she’s usually traveling to LA or NY to tend to her clients (some of whom include Lacey Chabert, Audrina Partidge, and Ashley Benson).

Colorist Sherry Ratay

I always say getting just the tips of my hair color works so well for me because it’s super low-maintenence. I always feel a little helplessly under-educated about hair color — and effect of never going near dyes growing up (house rules!). And since coloring my hair still feels fairly new to me, it was so nice to know I’m in good hands when I was treated to Sherry’s services. After talking to her about how I want “color that’s not dramatic but you can still see somewhat of a difference, natural but still light around the ends” (I’m the worst, I know), she totally understood and said well-blended caramel ombre was exactly what I wanted. “We’ll just make it chunkier than what it is now. I loved, loved it.

Et voila

She read my mind and the transition was so spot-on. Sherry was also game for some questions on color — here are some of her helpful tips before getting your hair colored:

Beauty and the Feast: What are some trends for Fall/Winter with hair color?

Sherry Ratay: Brunettes are the HOT this season! That doesn’t necessarily mean that blondes and redheads are a no go. For the fall/winter, blondes need to incorporate some deeper blonde pieces or even consider adjusting from a pastel to a cashmere Blonde.

BATF: What is the most requested service?

Ratay: Ombre has and will be for a while the most requested service in my salon. But here is what is different with it now — think softer variations of color. Not so stark in the dark-to-light!

BATF: What are some tips for some one nervous to color their hair for their first time?

Ratay: Always go on recommendation! If you see someone’s color you love, stop and ask them who does it.

BATF: How does one prepare for the appointment?

Ratay: When I have someone sit in my salon chair for the first time, there are many things I look for personality, existing hair color, skin tone, and eye color. These few things help direct me for the PERFECT selection of shades and application for this one particular client. I LOVE when a new client comes in prepared with photos of haircolor she likes and dislikes, this is a huge part of helping my client feel comfortable during the consultation process.


Thank you Sherry! Check out her salon site www.salonratay.com to book her services.

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