Almond French Toast

So far visiting home has been everything I love about Chicago, and why I can give the five feet of snow a pass this time. Being home with the family, spending time with the nephew and niece, staying up all night talking with friends from college, attending another’s wedding, and eating a LOT. My friend Aysha taught me a new recipe for French toast yesterday morning which was so delicious, I just had to show it.


Just mix eggs, milk, sugar, cinnamon, almond extract. Normally, she uses vanilla extract but she substituted it with almond since she didn’t have any — turns out almond tastes just as amazing and when we topped it with sliced almonds later, it made it so much more flavorful. We also used wheat bread instead of white. Dip it quickly just to coat the bread then fry it using coconut oil. All just to give you healthier options.

Top it with sliced almonds as I mentioned and fresh strawberries. Try it. It’

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