Craving: Lady M Confections Cake

Years ago, my friend Archana threw a birthday party for her boyfriend Eaman, and she got him this delicious, layered cake from Lady M. Fast forward years later, and I was at a bridal shower for a certain Chrissy Teigen, and she was telling me how her wedding cake was going to be very Lady M-esque. That pretty much set off my craving to try the cake again. Memories of the 20-layer cake filled with pastry cream melting in my mouth rushed back to me and I had to have it again.

Right to left: green tea cake and the original Lady M mille crepe cake

To prove if my memory served me well, I told some friends we should check it out before my friend Ariba moved back to Phoenix (same Ariba who taste-tested sandwiches for me…she proved to be a clutch eating buddy). We made a plan to eventually visit their Upper East Side location. The day after I mention this, I’m walking back to the office from a dentist appointment and I look up to find Lady M right across Bryant Park — I had no idea it was right in my backyard this whole time. Turns out this one just opened last year.

We finally made a plan to stop by. The little cake boutique is looks like it belongs on a boulevard in Paris. The chic minimalist setup has plush gray seating and an all-white serving area where the beautiful cakes are the main event. When we sat down, the host quickly asked how many are in our party, and (at the time, it being only us two), he insisted that we move to the end of the cafe. Not a big deal, but just his antsy nature was a little off-putting. Turned out more people were joining us so we asked if we can go back to the front which he seemed to begrudgingly give us permission to do. Sometimes I just wanna tell New Yorkers to take a chill pill.

It would have almost ruined the whole dining experience had the French-influenced Japanese cakes not come through. We ordered the original mille crepe, their green tea layered cake, their chocolate layered cake, and the strawberry shortcake.

Chocolate layered cake and strawberry shortcake

The green tea was exactly how it might sound, but a couple bites is the most I could handle. It wasn’t sweet enough for me. The chocolate layered cake is a great fix for chocolate lovers, and even the strawberry shortcake was soft and light. But to me, nothing held a candle to their original mille crepe cake. Exactly how I remembered it — textured, tasting something between vanilla and creme brulee, and light. If it’s your first time there, definitely get the original. You can venture out their other amazing options after (coffee mousse anyone?!). Also don’t miss their teas, especially their royal blend.

Meal: Dessert

Occasion: Satisfying a craving
Price: $
(Out of three stars)
Ambiance: ***
Food: ***
Service: * (weird, pushy host…)
Would I go back?: The cakes trump the service, so yes. Take a date here if you can.

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