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My technology woes continue. For a blogger, I’m pretty behind in my everyday tech. My laptop is probably from ’08, I JUST now got an iPhone (it’s not even the latest one, but still an upgrade from another cracked smartphone I was carrying around and was relentlessly teased about from my friends to Mally Roncal). If it works, that’s all that matters, but I can still admit, it isn’t a good look.

Intel tablet

As I mentioned previously, Intel reached out to me to let me experience their Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet. It’s super lightweight, and sleek and I almost feel, too pretty for me to own. I don’t think I realize how much I’m on-the-go until I started carrying it around though, which is so easy because of how teeny tiny it is. Whenever I pack to travel, it’s the worst trying to get my clunky laptop. Now I have something that not only fits in my purse, it’s something I can use on the plane.


It’s actually bailed my friends out a couple of times too when they needed an extra device to work on in a cafe, or when they come to visit (my friend Qareena just used it last night to do her math homework with :)). It’s much faster than my computer, and they loved the sleek interface. Needless to say, it’s going everywhere with me now. I’ve been using the Kindle App to stay on top of my reading, and I’m going to attempt real-time food blogging with it — will keep you posted on that.

Any of you try it? What would you use a tablet for? Share your thoughts below!

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