9 things that got me through this month

This was so meant to go up a couple weeks ago, but you know. Moving apartments and things got in the way. But here are a few things that I’ve been trying out and loving:


1) Pura Naturals Soap-Infused Active Charcoal, $9 for a 3-pack

Pura Naturals Active Charcoal

This is not your average sponge. Pura Naturals came up with and EPA-approved foam that repels water to avoid bacteria build up. The best part is it’s already infused with natural ingredients like coconut oil, soybean oil, and shea butter so you just have to wet it to use to clean and exfoliate your face. The little beads of charcoal sloughs away dead skin gently without irritating. This is particularly useful when I travel – no need to measure 3 oz.

2) Simple Kind to Skin Radiance Cleansing Wipes, $5.99 for 25 wipes

Simple Kind to Skin Radiance Cleansing Wipes

These are one of my favorite, non-irritating wipes from Simple. I keep it next to my bed for the days I’m being way too lazy to take off my makeup at night. It’s alcohol-free and good for sensitive skin types.

3) CoverGirl Queen Collection Vivid Impact Eyeliner in Jade, $7; and 4) Flamed Out Eye Pencil in Ashen Glow Flame, $6


The combo of these two are gorgeous. CoverGirl’s Queen collection have the most vibrant colors, and the metallic glow of their Flamed Out Eye Pencil lasts all day. I got so many compliments when I mixed up the usual and tried these two together. I don’t normally wear a lot of eyeshadow, but I love using shadow pencils like this one because it’s quick and simple, and looks beautiful on darker eyes.

5) L’Occitane Divine Oil, $96

L'Occitane Divine Oil

My skin drinks this up. I use it over dry patches or even over makeup and it never results in a greasy finish. It contains a blend of 100% plant oils that leaves skin velvety soft. A little goes a long way. I try to use sparingly — the dropper makes it easy to measure it out. Its star ingredient is immortelle flower which extends its longevity even after being picked, and is supposed to be responsible for the oil’s anti-aging benefits. An awesome pick if you’re looking into more natural products.

6) Revlon PhotoReady Insta-Fix Makeup, $14

Revlon PhotoReady makeup

I went to a Revlon event recently where they unveiled their newest products to launch for the holidays (spoiler: they’re beautiful — will tell you more about them closer to its launch date!). But one of their stand outs to me was this concealer/foundation stick. It has SPF 20, is made with super-refined pigments and light-filtering technology to give anything but a cakey finish. It looks like you’re wearing nothing and I’m a fan of products that are easy to carry and don’t require extra tools to apply. It comes in 9 shades (I use it in Medium Beige). Launches in January 2015.

7) Dr. Brandt Do Not Age Time Reversing Cream, $130

Dr. Brandt Do Not Age Time Reversing Cream

I guess you can sort of tell where I think it’s worth spending money. I’ve found Dr. Brandt products to be consistent with its quality, and this cream is no exception. I’ve been using it nightly and can tell a difference in my skin’s complexion and texture — it’s a lot smoother. One caveat: it’s not great smelling, and it’ll only last you about a month or two if you use it once a day, but if you’re looking for a heavy-duty anti-aging cream, at least try a sample of this for a couple weeks and see if you see a difference too.

8 ) Salon Grafix Invisible Dry Spray Shampoo, $7.99

Salon Grafix Dry Shampoo

I’ve been trying so many dry shampoos because if you’ve used them, you know not all are created equal. This one is great because it goes on clear and absorbs oil, and the smaller size is perfect for after the gym…and maybe some days before work.

9) Crest 3D White Supreme FlexFit Whitestrips, $64.99

Crest 3D Whitestrips

This is Crest’s newest whitening solution and it’s amazing (no surprise there). The strips are longer to cover more area, and formfit firmly around your teeth so there’s no slipping. Wear it once a day for an hour for two weeks for professional results. I feel like using these strips once a year is enough for a bright smile year round, and I haven’t experienced sensitivity (though that my vary from person to person). There’s no gooey whitening gel that you have to deal with either. Just an easy, non-messy way to whiten your teeth. Bonus: It fits so snug, you can talk without a lisp while they’re on. Try it #socialexperiment.

What products have helped you get through the month?

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