La La Anthony On How She Managed Not to Spill Out of Her Met Gala Dress

La La Anthony was recently named Residence Inn's Resident Mother Of The Year
La La Anthony was recently named Residence Inn’s Resident Mother Of The Year

La La Anthony’s multi-hyphenated title already includes actress, best-selling author, Kardashani-bestie, NBA wifey to Carmelo Anthony, and mother (which has earned her Resident Mom Of the Year by Residence Inn). We’re just going to add “magician” to that after seeing her physics-defying feat at the red carpet for the Met Gala. In case you missed it, her gorgeous Nicolas Jebran scarlet dress had all the sexy-cut outs reminiscent of a certain J. Lo Grammys number. But how did she manage to keep it all…ahem…together? I sat down with her on that and the drugstore buys she can’t live without:

Your dress for the Met Gala was beautiful—but seriously how did you keep your boobs from spilling out? “That was crazy! That was literally crazy. That was a lot of tape holding everything together. But I saw this one picture and I just wanted to kill myself because I was on the steps, and you know those steps are hard to walk on so one of my shoulders was higher than the other and it looks like my boob was just sitting up here [motions with hand up to collarbone]. But you know what, I loved the dress, I think it looked amazing so I’m not going to beat myself up about my taped up boobs.”

So lots of tape and elegant walking? “Exactly. Just a lot of trying to stay balanced so it doesn’t look like my boobs were all the way up here.”

Do you have a drugstore buy you’re obsessed with? “Half the stuff I buy is from the drugstore! I can’t live without Neutrogena’s makeup wipes. I cannot. It’s the only thing that works for me to take my makeup off.”

Do you have a beauty guilty pleasure? “Something my mom passed on to me is that she thinks Vaseline works for everything and I’m starting to find that it does too. Taking makeup off, moisturizing. If you saw my mom before she goes to bed, you’d think, ‘What’s on your face?’ She’s greased out in Vaseline! My mom’s never had Botox or anything and her face is flawless. She’s like, ‘I just stick to my Vaseline.’ That’s become my thing too now.”

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  1. I always admire women and what they have to do that men have no idea. Our wardrobes tend to be much simplier, and high heels I could not imagine “:)

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