Review: MAYA wudu-friendly nail polish

By Munia IslamMaya Cosmetics

With the weather warming up and sandals in tow, summer is always the time when I pay a little extra attention to my nails. Admittedly, I’m really picky about my nail polishes, but once I was introduced to Maya Cosmetics, I knew I would be adding it to my collection of polishes fast. As part of the newest, popular crop of health-conscious polishes, these are breathable (read for my Muslim sisters: wudu/ablution-friendly!), free of harsh and harmful ingredients (no toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and camphor), 100% halal/PETA-certified (no prohibited alcohol, animal derivatives or animal testing), and physician approved. What more could you want in a nail polish? Oh right…
Maya Cosmetics Nailpolish

Gorgeous colors. (From left to right above: Dahlia, Americana, Plumberry, Ruman, Pepto Pink, and Top-Coat Gloss)

As soon as I snapped a sneak peak of my freshly coated nails, there were immediately questions following, screenshots taken, and people asking about placing their orders. A common question I got was: how does it hold up against the other [halal] brands out there? Personally, I thought the quality was much richer, lasted quite longer, and had a better color payoff compared to another “breathable” brand that has been circulating in the U.S. for the past few years–and that I had been using regularly before getting a hold of these ones. Also, major bonus points to them for how quickly the polishes dry, which without is a deal breaker for someone like me who is always on the run. You can tell that the lacquer is high quality and has a gel-like finish, without any of the damage to my nails. Even without the top coat, it took a number of days, many dishes and many handwashes later to see any signs of chipping.
Maya Cosmetics Dahlia Nailpolish

Maya Cosmetics Pepto Pink Nailpolish

Maya Cosmetics Plumberry Nailpolish

Maya Cosmetics Ruman Nailpolish

Maya Cosmetics Top Gloss Coat
Overall, it is definitely a product that I will buy again and also strongly recommend, especially for women who want to wear nailpolish but has a preference for or needs the breathable kind–it’s healthier for your nails too. Next on my list: Early Grey, Black Seed, Seashell, and the Top Coat Matte. You can’t blame me for wanting the whole collection! And don’t forget to share which ones are on your wish list in the comments below.

To check them out yourself, visit their website: They even have a section of how to perform wudu/ablution when wearing their nail polish!)

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  1. Tasneem wrote:

    I tried these polishes out and they weren’t exactly water permeable. When you rub the water on the polish all you’re really doing is rubbing away the paper. I find that its no different than inglot or any other brand that claims to be halal. if you youtube search halal nail polish it seems that tuesday in love is the only brand that allows water through without having to rub the water in.

    Posted 10.3.16
  2. Nancy Seefeldt wrote:

    Wow…nice Nail paint colors.

    Posted 12.21.16
  3. Hanna wrote:

    I’m a chemical engineering grad student and I decided to have a look at this polish. I think there are a lot of people being misled here. When they do the permeability test and start rubbing the water drop, what’s actually happening is that they’re rubbing away the fibers of the napkin (basically creating tiny holes in it). This is known as “abrasion”. Technically if you rubbed almost any nail polish on a napkin or coffee filter hard enough you can force water drops to go through it because you’ve burnt a hole through it with your finger. This of course will not work on your nails, and hence no amount of water will go through.

    What bothers me the most about these kinds of companies is that somehow they’re getting these so called Imams and scholars who have absolutely no science or medical background to validate their claims wihtout any proper scientific knowledge. And in the US, cosmetics are hardly regulated and hence you’ll find enormous amounts of toxins, parabens, and dangerous chemicals in them.

    I strongly and humbly advise my sisters buying these products to do your research. If you’re not sure – ASK! And ask the right people. If your local Imam doesn’t know the difference between an oxygen molecule and hydrogen molecule, then chances are he has no idea about the science behind any of these experiments. Demand a valid answer from these companies and don’t fall for any of their marketing traps unless you are 100% satisfied with their response.

    I sincerely hope that my comments have not offended anyone, I’m only looking out for my sisters in Islam and want to share my knowledge with them. I love you all 🙂

    Posted 4.26.17
  4. Shahnaz wrote:

    Salaam sister, I just bought the sugar tip color and I put one coat which left brush streaks and didn’t look good. I added one top coat, it still did not look good. So I tried 2 coats of the nail polish and it covered completely. I then added one coat of the top coat and my nails shined and looked great, the way I expected it to look. Per the site only 2 coats are wudu permeable. So it disappointed me that I needed the usual 3 coats to make my nails look the way they should.

    Posted 7.27.17

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