This Product Has Been Making My Hair Super Shiny

Let’s start this by saying, I’m way overdue for a haircut. I haven’t had as much as a trim in seven months, and I have all the split ends and snags in the world to attest to that. But even so, people have been complimenting my hair, asking me if I cut my hair because something looks different. The only thing I could think of is the product I have been testing (rather skeptically at first), and that’s hair primer.

I need a trim so bad.
I need a trim so bad.

More specifically, the Aquis Water Defense Pre Wash. I was intrigued when I read what it does (this is not sponsored at all by the way, but was sent to me by the brand to test). Face primers to help your makeup last I can understand, but a hair primer? Essentially a primer for your hair is to protect it, repelling water that can potentially dull it. This one from Aquis says it helps protect hair against damage from washing, drying, and styling to leave it less frizzy and stronger. With ingredients like coconut oil and keratin amino acids, I already knew it had the makings of a good repairing product (also note, it’s not made with any sulfates or parabens).

Aquis Water Defense Pre Wash
Aquis Water Defense Pre Wash

I’m usually not a fan of adding another step to my routine, but this was an easy one to integrate. I just had to spray it on dry hair prior to showering (leaving it on for 2 minutes minimum). I always leave it in a little bit longer — somehow I always find errands to do before I actually jump in the shower. But the fact that it wasn’t much of a time commitment to begin with made me more keen to use it. Plus, it has a nice, coconut-y scent. Then, just shampoo out.

Take note: the first few times I used it, I couldn’t REALLY tell if it made a difference. I felt like my hair looked better, but I couldn’t pinpoint what it was actually doing. I think only because it was so easy to use, I continued doing so. Then a few weeks in, I started noticing my hair was much shinier, and almost like it was adding weight to my hair by way of repairing it. I noticed less hair falling out in the shower (as the bottle states “wet hair is weak hair”). And as I mentioned, others started noticing too.

Which is all great, but when it comes down to it, do you NEED this product? It’s $29 for a generous 12 fl oz. What I would say is IF you do heat style or color your hair, or if you feel like your hair is dull, I think you’ll find this will help your hair look and feel healthier. While I noticed less hair falling, I don’t think it’s exactly recommended for hair loss or hair thinning, so don’t expect anything crazy if you’re looking for volume. And if you DO end up getting it, give it a couple weeks to see if you notice a difference like I did. If you have severe damage, I’d even leave it on overnight. It’s not oily but your hair will be wet so make sure you wrap your hair or protect your pillowcases before sleeping.

What other products do you want to hear about for hair? Let me know if any of you try it and what you think!


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