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Brooklyn-based Tasty Morsels Bakery

October 29, 2009

Tasty Morsels sugar cookie

Tasty Morsels sugar cookie

Cookies are my Achilles’ heel.

When I got a pack of sugar cookies from Brooklyn bakery, Tasty Morsels, at a recent event, I tried to hide them in the corner of my kitchen counter in an attempt to restrain myself. I tried calling upon my cousins to treat themselves to it before I could.

But the next morning with my tea, I decided it couldn’t hurt to have just one. It’s a soft sugar cookie, with a hard frosting that softens when I dip it in my tea. Sugar rush ensues.

This continues for three more days until I realize I single-handedly devoured them all before I gave anyone else a chance to get to them. So much for that plan.

But seriously, how can you resist cookies so cute?

Award-winning artist, Crystal Horton, started the online bakery in February 2009 after she discovered a way to utilize her artistic talent with her love for baking. Using all natural ingredients, Horton can customize any sugar cookie to your liking.

The cookies make adorable party favors for a bridal party, baby showers, or your next get together. That way, you can also control yourself from inhaling the whole batch of cookies for yourself. I’m JUST sayin…

Cookies range from $1-$10 depending on the design.

To order a custom design, email


All images courtesy of Tasty Morsels

For more information, check out their website at


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