Ninth Street Espresso in Chelsea Market

Ninth Street Espresso - Chelsea Market

Ninth Street Espresso - Chelsea Market

I’ve been having what seems like the never-ending debate with a friend who will remain unnamed (*SACKO cough*) about which place has the best latte in NYC: Stumptown or Ninth Street Espresso. I’m not really sure why it’s only between the two, since I acknowledge there are plenty of cafes around the city (and outer burroughs — I see you, Brooklyn) that boast to be the best. The only thing was our debate is completely mindless because he’s never been to Stumptown and I’ve never been to Ninth Street. I didn’t realize Ninth Street Espresso has an outpost in Chelsea Market, so when I stumbled upon last week, I was excited to finally make an educated decision. I wasn’t even in the mood for coffee, but I ordered a small $4 latte anyway.

Latte at Ninth Street Espresso

It was strong, full-bodied, a tad bitter too. But friends, I’m still going to say Stumptown takes the cake. Have any of you tried both or either? Which one do you prefer? Maybe you can help us end the never-ending debate (but most likely not)…

Cafe info:
Ninth Street Espresso

(in Chelsea Market)
75 9th Ave.
btw 9th & 10th Ave



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  1. Summar wrote:

    Haha, of course I’ve tried both. I do like Ninth Street a lot, but I’d have to say I like Stumptown just a tadd better. 🙂

    Posted 2.17.11

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