GIVEAWAY: Caudalie perfume and a chance at a $250 gift bag!

I’m so excited to announce this next giveaway! If you haven’t read about Caudalíe‘s new fragrances, skip on over to our previous post (Caudalíe Paris’ fragrance launch at The Plaza Hotel in NY) to learn about their perfumes Zeste de Vigne, Fleur de Vigne, and Thé de Vignes.

Caudalie's new perfumes

To win one of Caudalíe’s new perfumes, just leave a comment below describing your ideal time of day and how you like to spend it (ie a coffee at your desk in the morning, etc.). I’ll choose the best one and Caudalíe will send the winner the fragrance that corresponds with their favorite time of day. Your entry will then also be eligible for a GRAND PRIZE: a $250 gift bag. The winner will be handpicked by Founder and CEO, Mathilde Thomas, herself!

So get creative, and enter now by leaving a comment below! Good luck!

Winner will be announced July 12th. Must have a US address to be eligible.



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  1. Jennifer B wrote:

    My favorite time of day is just unwinding, after dinner, with my ‘pre-fiance’ (a term I use often, though not in his presence). I have a second job now and am always running to and fro, but when we are able to take a deep breath, relax, lay on the couch together, and watch our favorite movie or TV show, all is right with the world.

    Posted 7.5.11
  2. My favourite time of the day is my morning. I wake up have a coffee and get in front of my computer, I always check my Twitter and email while I’m drinking coffee and I can see the latests blogs, news, outfits, etc
    After the coffee I go to the shower and decide what I’m going to wear all day. I don’t start worrying about work or what I have to do today until I’m dressed and ready to go.

    Is like my morning tradition and I love it!

    Posted 7.5.11
  3. 6:25am. I’m just home from the gym, standing on my back porch with a mug of green tea and enjoying the last few minutes of quiet before my day begins. It is in that moment that I congratulate myself for not making up an excuse to skip the gym and visualize the day that lies ahead…and then I obsess about what to wear and vow to plan my wardrobe each night before bed. If only I were that organized.

    Posted 7.5.11
  4. Kelsey M wrote:

    My favorite time of the day is when I wake up when the sun starts to rise. I get extra snuggle time with my fiancee, and then we’ll go out and have coffee on the deck. It’s the little things that matter 🙂

    Posted 7.5.11
  5. aam wrote:

    I have two favorite times of the day. One is in the early morning, after Fajr and before leaving for work. The second is the first few moments after leaving the gym. At both times, I am lighter on my feet, clearer in the head, and calmer overall. Having two won’t disqualify me, will it?

    Posted 7.5.11
  6. Nuzi wrote:

    Ok, this is going to sound a bit random but my favorite part of the day is without a doubt the endlessly under-appreciated 7:45pm. Admittedly, nothing really sensational happens at that time. It’s not the beginning of my day or the end. It’s not the moment I get off work (that’s 7pm) or right as I’m about to dive into dinner (closer to 8pm). It’s just kind of nestled quietly in between all of that, and that’s the beauty of it. It’s the one moment in my day when I can take a break from doing anything and everything and just be. I sit on my couch and let myself drift off into tranquility for a few minutes before the microwave buzzer sounds off to remind me dinner is ready and reality inevitably awaits.

    Posted 7.5.11
  7. SG wrote:

    I’m not a morning person. Though the rising sun and the freshness of the morning are in theory beautiful times of day, I’m more likely to stomp around ignoring the beauty simply because I haven’t yet woken up from my standard grouchy state.

    The end of the evening, however, is my favorite time of day. The sun has set and the city lights have started to glimmer. I’m sitting with my dessert for the evening and winding down from a hectic day. What kind of dessert you ask? Green tea mochi, red velvet cupcakes, almond cinnamon thins? The options are endless!

    Posted 7.5.11
  8. Yani George wrote:

    My ideal time of the day is at 5:15pm, when I just get home from work and my girlfriend doesn’t get home until 6pm, so I have 45 minutes to enjoy a quite me time. Where Im free from her yapping on how she hates stephanie from work, how I should find a better job and think about meeting her parents, or how I should get her nice gifts instead of the homemade stuff I made her for her birthday.
    Basically this is the time I contemplate suicide, so as you can see to win one of Caudalíe’s new perfumes will make her happy and maybe for once I can get some respect.
    Oh snap!! Gotta go, She’s home.

    Posted 7.5.11
  9. Lori wrote:

    My favorite time of the day is first thing in the morning after the pets have been fed, and I am sipping on my coffee catching up with friends on the computer. Very quiet and relaxing!

    Posted 7.6.11
  10. My Favorite time of the day is sunset, the day starts to cool off and it’s time to relax after a long day. It’s that feeling of I did all I could do today, everything else can wait. I try to take this time to switch gears, and enjoy the family time.
    I am beyond excited for these fragrances to come out. Caudalie is beauty, I’m sure the fragrances will be breath taking. Thank you! xo

    Posted 7.6.11
  11. My fave time aday is on sunday at about 2:00pm and all five of my grandsons and my daughters and my outlaws are here at the house and we are just so close and so blessed to spend this time togather it makes my heart feeled with joy. And I want to be here on earth to watch them all growup which my parents passed before my girls came along, But I’m grammy as they call me and thats just my Perfect and best day and time I will forever love!!

    Posted 7.6.11
  12. Jennifer Hilsabeck wrote:

    My favorite time of day is dusk, just as the sun is preparing to set behind the mountains where I live. It’s a time to reflect upon all that has happened during the day and then look forward to what is on the horizon for tomorrow ~ perhaps even steal a few moments to dream about my next vacation. I’m usually spending this time driving across town to pick my kids up from day care, so I’ll enjoy the solitude by listening to my favorite music and doing my best to avoid inconsiderate drivers!

    Posted 7.6.11
  13. Magdalena wrote:

    If I get lucky … that half an hour that I can sneak first thing in the morning before the dogs notice that I am up and before my four year old starts chasing them around the house and my husband starts getting ready for work. I take some time to sit and journal or read or knit, or whatever lovely guilty pleasure I feel like indulging in before the rush of the day begins. Sometimes that means sneaking outside to see if nature has left any inspiring gifts to photograph; a foggy morning, a beautiful sunrise or a blooming flower. It may only be a few minutes some days, but sometimes that is all it takes to find some inspiration and a little extra energy for the rest of the day.

    Posted 7.6.11
  14. Rena S. wrote:

    I love life. The peaceful morning when the sun is rising, the afternoon nap, the evening when everyone is home and eating dinner at the table and the serenity of nightime when there are glorious sunsets and the stars are starting to glimmer. But my favorite time of the day is when my husband and children tell me they love me.

    Posted 7.6.11
  15. cindy b wrote:

    My fav time of day is first thing in the morning when I wake up and know I have the whole day ahead of me to live out my dreams!

    Posted 7.6.11
  16. Brigitta wrote:

    My favorite time of the day is a lazy Sunday morning, sitting with my coffe, catching up on my reading and just taking it extra easy. I feel like that the world slows down a liitle bit during this time. Who can’t use some slowing down these days?

    Posted 7.6.11
  17. My favorite time of day is waking up next to my 6 month old son, Kansas. He always smiles at me as soon as our eyes meet. He is the reason I make it through even the toughest times. Any time of day my son is happy is my ideal time of day. As I kiss him goodnight he gives me the biggest most beautiful grin, and literally just like that it feels like all the days worries have been wiped away. =] I am so lucky.

    Posted 7.6.11
  18. Angie B. wrote:

    When I come home from work at noon. My toddler is so excited to see me. Almost as soon as I get in the door I hear “mama!” and he runs over to me. Then I sit with him with a nice cold or warm drink and watch cartoons with him for a few minutes. That’s my favorite time of day

    Posted 7.6.11
  19. samara wrote:

    midnight – the house is quiet except for my three boys snoring (2 dogs and a husband)

    Posted 7.6.11
  20. Vitriani Tran wrote:

    Morning crisp gives a sense of peacefulness and serenity. Morning is the time when life starts all over again. It is the time when we realize that we are given the chance to enjoy this world for another day. It is the moment when flowers blooms and starts to decorate this world with their colors and their fragrance. Whether it is waking up to the chirping bird, the falling rains, the shining sun, the busy street; it is the time that I truly feels that life is full of beauty.

    Posted 7.6.11
  21. melanie wrote:

    while it often feels difficult to pull myself from slumber, i really do appreciate the morning time, when i have my coffee and relax a bit before the day gets started.

    Posted 7.7.11
  22. Elvin James wrote:

    My husband works nights so my favorite time of day/(night) is when I walk home and I see him sleeping and I snuggle into bed with him because it’s the first time I usually see him in 24 hours. I love holding him for a few minutes before he wakes up and I’m grateful for those moments in time.

    I have to say that a close second would have to be waking up on a Saturday morning with absolutely no plans so that I can catch up on all my trash TV. Nothing beats a TV day for me!

    Posted 7.8.11
  23. NancyK wrote:

    I’m a mid day kind of gal. I like the lunch hour, when I don’t have to worry about my husband, my family, my job or errands… sometimes I run to the mall, or read a book. One time I played hookie and didn’t go back to work at all and went and saw an afternoon movie. I’d love to win! Please enter me!

    Posted 7.8.11
  24. aubrey wrote:

    Before bed!!

    I typically put on a spritz of perfume and read a good book.

    Posted 7.9.11
  25. Orna Russo wrote:

    my time is midnight to 4:00 am!
    that’s when everybody sleeps.. the House is SO quiet.. and than the screen lifts up and the show begins… i am an artist (painter) so for me its the ULTIMATE conditions to Create!

    Posted 7.9.11
  26. nadira wrote:

    My favorite time of the day would be first thing in the morning after a shower that wipes the sleepiness out of you, and that fresh tingling sensation in your mouth after you’ve brushed your teeth. There is nothing better than a great fresh and clean feeling first thing in the morning to start your day!

    Posted 7.10.11
  27. Kittenish wrote:

    My favorite time of day is the evening, as the sun finishes setting. I like to take a walk outside and smell the air or sit and enjoy a nice cup of tea to relax. When it’s summer, I love to watch the fireflies come out as it gets dark. It’s like a starry sky in my yard.

    Posted 7.10.11
  28. Tatiana wrote:

    My favorite time of day is right before a heavy rain on a summer afternoon. The world slows, the air gets thick, the skies dim, and everything, though previously bustling and chaotic slows. The anticipation weighs the air, and before you know it, the run pours down, breaking the heat and slowing the city’s frantic afternoon pace. You never know exactly what will happen next – whether the rain will last for hours, whether it will stop, or whether the sun will come poking through!

    Posted 7.11.11
  29. Nicole Gelman wrote:

    My favorite time of day is in the late hours of the night when all the stresses of the day are over and your mind has the opportunity to roam. During these late PM/early AM hours, I am able to think most clearly and both plan and play. This is the time when the child in me comes out to conquer the world with no fears and inhibitions. This is the time when being both classy and seductive collide. There is no other time imaginable which could replace this.

    Posted 7.13.11

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